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Pine Oak Farm

Pine Oak Farm is a wonderful company that sells home decor! Along with Amish jams and jellies! Great for the person who wants a beautifully decorated home without spending a fortune. We also have seasonings so that you can make some amazing dishes! Not only that, when you shop with Pine Oak Farm you help our wounded soldiers! That’s right, a percentage of all sales are donated! So this company is not only loaded with great products, they are giving back to the community also!


Jewelry In Candles

I absolutely love candles! I actually made my own but it took up a lot of my time. When I had a friend tell me about Jewelry In Candles, I was excited. I’m thinking “WOW! Jewelry, candles, what could be better!” So I tried them! All I can say is YUMMY! Yes I know yummy is how you usually describe food, but it fits! The smells are wonderful and once the candle burns down, you get the surprise! JEWELRY! Each candle comes with either a ring, necklace, or earrings. You just pick the type of jewelry, and the size (ring). I loved the company and products so much, I decided to become a rep. I was able to join for just a dollar (which is going on until January 7th!)! Yes, that’s right, just a dollar! There are some amazing things going on with this company and you will be glad you joined the company!


I am always looking for ways to save money. As a single mom of two girls that constantly have my heat at 80 and all lights left on, I spend a fortune every month. I knew there had to be a way to save money on my bill! Well thanks to a great friend, I found one. Now, some states you can save on both gas and electric, but in Michigan it is just gas right now. What this company does is, it locks in lower rates through your energy provider. I know, I know…..sounds too good to be true. But it isn’t. All you need is a bill from your provider. Just enter in the information, and we take it from there. We lock in the rate with your provider…so for example you pay normally 5.99 and we find it for 4.79, then we lock it in for the 4.79. I suggest selecting the three year to get the best rate! But here is the best thing, you can actually sign up to be a rep! So you sign up and decide you love what the company was able to do for you, then you sign up to be a rep so you can help others save!!! Awesome right!!! To sign up to save money! To become a rep (no cost)