Buskins-Leggings for everyone!

Most people know I am a mom of a teenager that LOVES leggings! Zoey would wear them everyday if she could! So when I found Buskins, I signed her up to be a rep! I thought….how great, a company that is right up her alley! Not only that, I thought it was a great way for her to make money. But better yet it was a business she could make huge without missing out on sports or working all day after school.

Buskins is a new company that opened in December. It has expanded quickly, to become a huge business that is great for anyone wanting to work from home. We carry regular one size, fleece, fur lined, plus size, and kids!

Regular one size- fits woman 3/4-13/14
Fleece one size- fits woman up to 10/12
Fur- up to 10/12
Plus one size- 14-20

Girls sm/me- fit ages 4-7
Girls L/XL- fits age 8- juniors 1/2




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