Working from home?

As a mom of two girls that are still in school, I have been thinking about a job working from home. Problem is…..there is so much spam out there who knows what really works. I have tried a few, and found that even though I loved the product, I didn’t have time to do parties. My kids play sports so my weeknights and weekends are limited. So what to do? I see jobs for surveys, but lets be realistic….how much can you really make? I don’t have time to do a million surveys just to make ten dollars. I have also seen ads for data entry. That would be great except…I don’t type that fast lol. So what’s left? Not much. Well crafts to sell on etsy. However, most people are all doing the same crafts. How about blogging? Well I love to spill my guts about stuff I know….But how do you make money blogging? I have decided to figure this out and post what I have learned for all those out there that need(as I call it) the simple breakdown. I am not a genius, just a mom who loves her girls. I don’t have tons of time. So I shall be back once this mom can figure it out lol.


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