Beginning again…..

Well after a year, I am finally divorced. Now it’s time to start over. I thought I would be afraid or sad, but I’m not. What I am is excited! Why? Well now it is my time to relearn who I am. Yes relearn about me. I am ready to start over and try new things! I feel free to do whatever I want and not have to worry what my anyone thinks. We moved into a new place and my daughters and I are adjusting well. it was hard at first, but now they love the idea of starting fresh. They are playing sports and doing great in school. I want to encourage them to go after their dreams. Before, well let’s just say there was more stress that dream following………So as this year goes on, you will see posts of things we have done, places we have visited, and stuff we love. so come back and join us on our adventure!!!


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