Tiles turned into coasters for a great memory gift.

Christmas had become a crazy, expensive, mad rush of a holiday! So I decided that we will be making as many gifts as we can. We want the gifts to be something wonderful for each person we make them for, something they will love. I have seen many posts for the tiles with pictures on them and loved the idea. So I gave it a try. I have noticed getting a smooth finish is somewhat hard but the craft still turned out wonderful. All you need are pictures, the cheapest tiles from hardware store, mod-podge, and little round felt circles.

Just paint on one layer of mod-podge gloss and apply the picture. I then let it dry for a bit. Next I applied a layer of mod-podge over the top making sure to do my best to make it smooth. I used a paint brush but would maybe recommend a foam brush to get a more even finish. I let mod-podge dry then applied another coat. I repeated this about two more times. Then you will want to apply two layers of polyurethane to protect them from water. SO pretty and easy to do. I think that I next time I would use black tiles when using old black and white photos though.


Making tiles into memories




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