Homemade vanilla extract made easy!

Homemade vanilla

You will need:

Vanilla beans (I ordered organic vanilla beans on amazon for about $26.00 for half pound)
A fifth of rum ( I used Bacardi because i know it is a better quality that the cheaper ones. Next time I will use an organic rum if I can find one. Price depends on state)

A mason jar. Yup an old canning jar that has been washed and dried.

First take five to six beans and cut them length wise down the center and put in jar. Some say to scoop out the inside of beans, I say leave it!
Next fill with the rum (or you could use a vodka) to top of jar right wear it starts the thread for top. Put on top and give it a gentle shake. Last put it in cupboard that is dark for a week. Take it out and again gently shake it. Repeat this process for another four weeks and before you know it….Vanilla extract!!!


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