Easy homemade liquid hand soap

If you are like me, then hand soap disappears quick in your house lol! I have a toddler that thinks it is fun to waste the expensive liquid soap so…..I said bye-bye expensive store brand and hello homemade. It is easy to do. All you need is a pan old clean milk jug, water, glycerin, and a cheap bar of soap. I also use essential oils to add a nice scent.


1 Tablespoon glycerin (you can usually find this near the pharmacy department at the store)

10 cups water ( I prefer reverse osmosis water but any will work)

1 cup soap flakes ( i run it through a food processor…I AM NOT shredding it by hand lol…but you can! lol)

5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil

a funnel so that you can pour soap in milk jug when it is cool


Melt soap in water on medium low until all soap flakes melt. Add glycerin and essential oil. Let cool. When soap is at room temperature pour it through funnel into the milk jug! See easy as pie!!! make sure to label milk jug so you remember what is in it!!


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