Homemade Butter that was Actually made at HOME!

I love fresh bread and butter! However, I find that fresh butter is hard to come by. Or is it? Well not any more! It is so easy to make fresh butter right at home. All you need is:

Organic Heavy Whipping Cream
1 stand mixer (Love my Kitchen Aid lol)
splash guard because it could get messy!

Put about 4 cups cream in you mixing bowl and mix on high until it thickens. Scrape cream off side of bowl. Turn mixer back on high and mix until whey separates from butter. When butter is formed squeeze out all extra whey and set aside. Put butter in a glass container (better for you than plastic). Also save the whey because you can use in place of buttermilk in recipes!

*Make sure to use butter within two weeks. You may lightly salt it during the beginning process if you wish. I have also added pictures of heavy cream and margarine so that you can see the difference in ingredients! You will be surprised!