Public school vs. Homeschooling

To home school or not! It is a TOUGH question. My daughter has been having health issues. We have been to doctor after doctor and we still have no clue what is going on. She has missed so much school that she is now considered a truancy case. To me, this is crazy! After talking to another parent at the doctors, I decided that this would be Zoey’s last year at public school. She is failing classes because she can’t go to school due to pain. The school will not excuse her because they don’t have any medical explanation for her pain. So now we are trying home schooling through . I am pretty excited about this! Everything is done online! LOVE IT! It allows students to get specialized help for each subject, through live chat, email, or phone. They only allow 635 students so the class sizes are smaller compared to regular high school. And to my surprise, they have extracurricular classes, field trips, and they can play sports for the school district you live in!!! My husband has been against it, yet when I told him that University of Michigan is one of the colleges that recognizes home schooling, he said well I guess it is worth a shot. Talk about an about-face lol.

UPDATE: So the online pubic schools have a HUGE wait list! So I decided that I would just home school her myself. I was able to buy programs online for her curriculum at a great price. It is the same as what public school even though I don’t have to follow public school curriculum. Here is a great site that explains all the laws for Michigan home schooling . This is where you should start. If anyone has great home school ideas or needs any help getting started please let me know!


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