Revamping old clothes!

Remember when that black tank top was actually black? That white t-shirt white? Well if your clothes are faded but still in great shape, try revamping them! How you ask? Well RIT dye of course! I love that stuff! You can get it at most grocery stores and it is an easy way to recolor your clothes. I just put enough dye in (follow directions on bottle) hot water to cover clothes. I let set for about an hour and when it is finished your clothes look like new. I have a toddler who is rough with her clothes. Sometimes the whites just don’t stay white. So I pick out a cool color of dye and make them like new again! It gives you a chance to add new colors to your wardrobe. When my clothes fade, I just buy the color dye that matches the color of the shirt and give it a soak! This is a great way to save a little extra cash because you don’t need to go out and replace that top or bottoms you love!


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