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Revamping old clothes!

Remember when that black tank top was actually black? That white t-shirt white? Well if your clothes are faded but still in great shape, try revamping them! How you ask? Well RIT dye of course! I love that stuff! You can get it at most grocery stores and it is an easy way to recolor your clothes. I just put enough dye in (follow directions on bottle) hot water to cover clothes. I let set for about an hour and when it is finished your clothes look like new. I have a toddler who is rough with her clothes. Sometimes the whites just don’t stay white. So I pick out a cool color of dye and make them like new again! It gives you a chance to add new colors to your wardrobe. When my clothes fade, I just buy the color dye that matches the color of the shirt and give it a soak! This is a great way to save a little extra cash because you don’t need to go out and replace that top or bottoms you love!


Ok My First Actual Post

Pinterest– Most of you know what this site is all about! For the others, well it is time to try it out. This site is filled with great ideas! Need a new room design, it’s on there! Great food idea for a party- IT’S ON THERE! LOL. I never thought I would become addicted to a site, but I have. Now add cute pictures, great quotes, and beauty ideas and you have a perfect site. OH WAIT! IT’S ON THERE! So check it out and enjoy!

Mypoints- Want to earn free gift cards? well then this is the site for you! So far I have earned enough gift cards to almost completely pay for Christmas for my kids! Did i mention I have three kids? Two are teenagers! Just read a few emails, shop through the links on their site, and download the search bar and you are set to go! Refer people and earn even more– Need senior pictures? Family pictures? DKR studios is a great place to get them done! Stop by the link above to check her out!

www.thebernardfamilywebsite.comI have to add this site! This site belongs to my cousins who are 5 and 4 lol. It is all the stuff they love and pretty cute! I love seeing what they recommend for toys and more!– Need work done on your home? New roof or windows? Yup He does it all!

So you have a company you love? A website you can’t do without? Please let me know so I can  add it here so everyone can enjoy!

A little bit of everything!

For awhile now, I have had people ask me when I was going to do a blog of my own. Well, I finally took the advice and started one. Kooky crafts and more is a site filled with great food ideas, crafts, and more. I love healthy, crafty, and having fun with the family. So everything on here will be pretty family friendly. If there is something you would like to see then please let me know. I am open to all suggestions! You may find on that sometimes on here I will even talk about what is going on with my family! I really hope I don’t bore you with my talking, but I do love my KOOKY family! So enjoy my site!